Sunday, 24 November 2013

Two Maiden Flights in Townsville...

Arthur Hume test flew his Spad VII today.  Designed as a
 Slow Combat model and powered by a Fox .35,it flies really well. That  probably explains the smile on Arthur's face.

Another test flight was carried out today by Jim Greenwood with his
Brodak Flite Streak. Powered by an OS .25 LA, it also flies
very well. 
Jim had trouble with his undercarriage coming loose. An 
extra clamp is to be fitted.
The Brodak kit was nicely laser cut but they stuffed up and 
supplied 14 R1 ribs and 4 R2 ribs instead of the other way around. 
Jim overcame the problem by cutting down the 4 R2 ribs to 
the same size as the R1's and fitted cap strips.
 It actually looks better than the uncapped rib version.

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