Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Lyal Cameron's Ramrod, hot off the building board.

Original Ramrod colours.

Powered by a 1970's OS .35

The Test Flight....
Sunday, 10th Nov, 2013.

Some photos of Lyals Ramrod first flight. It flies very well, first flight the old OS 35 done an amazing job of a perfect 4-2-4. After a few flights the old OS35 cleaned itself out and is deemed to need a new crank bush. Total weight was 38oz.
I flew my Ramrod and the Tor Rat after a bearing change and the old miss BJ.  Lyal flew his Ramrod and his Peacemaker.
All were brought home intact apart from a broken wheel spat on my Ramrod.

Owen Cameron.

Background - Peacemaker, Tor Rat.
Owen's Ramrod, Lyal's Ramrod, Owen's Miss BJ.

Owen & Lyal's Ramrods

Lyal putting the Ramrod through it's paces.

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