Tether Cars

Wanted:  Original photos, stories, plans, etc. 
of Vintage Tether Cars. 

Owen Cameron forwarded these photos of his father, Merv's other car recently found hidden away in a cupboard.

Thimble Drone car was designed to run a Thimble Drone 15 engine or an Arden.099 engine.
It has a Cameron 19 engine fitted. It needs a fair bit to fit this engine properly. Owen is going to try and get some of the correct parts later and try and set it up with the 15 engine it was designed for.


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The following photos were submitted by Robert Williams of Ballarat, Victoria.

I picked up the chassis and running gear here in Ballarat
probably 30 years ago.

These first couple of pics show a Flight .61 (Taipan).

Then it looks good with the McCoy .60 in it.

I’m having difficulty working out how to couple all the Cox’s together.

And the big Super Tigre should have adequate power!!

The wooden body I made to take a mold from. I think it looks good.


The following photos were provided by Lawrie Prest of Townsville. 

An article was written about Lawrie's father, Tom Prest,
in the July 1954 edition of Model Maker 

That's Lawrie's dad sitting on his Motor bike which is a 125cc James.
 That was how he used to get around in those days' stowing
all his gear into pannier bags. He would have been about 26 years
 old when this photo was taken.

Tom Prest's car which was made by ZN Motors.

Dooling .29

Dooling .29


The Real McCoy

More photos from Owen Cameron of his father's (Merv) Real McCoy tether car powered by a McCoy .19.  The gap in the grill was caused by hitting a small dog that got too close. The dog didn't survive. 


Thanks to Owen Cameron for the above photos. This home-made go kart was made around 1974, powered by a Cox .049 with pusher prop. Originally it did not have a pusher prop so they used to start it backwards. 
 It was run in the double car driveway of his home. The centre pivot was wooden and weighted down with two Besser blocks. The tether line was control line wire. According to Owen, it performed very well. The tyres were made from shock absorber mounting rubbers turned down. The steering wheel is from a very old Mecanno set.

30th March - 3rd April 1951. Mercury photo A2051/2.
ETA .29 MkI Tether Car with centrifugal clutch and bevel gear
drive to rear wheels. The engine was started by pulling a cord that
 you wrapped around the flywheel.

A 1950's workshop.