Vintage Magazines

Full Cirlce Flyers now offers you free viewing and downloading of a selection of vintage aeromodelling magazines in .pdf format. You can access the magazines of your choice by clicking on the links below.
It has been brought to my attention that some people are having trouble downloading certain issues of Aeromodeller Annual. This is due to the fact that some files are too large for Google Drive to scan for viruses. You may still download these issues by clicking on the Download anyway button. Just be sure to scan the file on your computer before opening it to satisfy yourself that it is free from viruses.

The affected files are the ones that do not display the cover page but displays "PDF" instead.

I am reluctant to reduce the file size, and therefore the resolution, because this makes a lot of the plans inside each magazine hard to read and sometimes unusable. 

The list will be added to as more magazines become available. If you have any old Australian Aeromodelling magazines from the 1970's and before, I am willing to scan them and add them to this site for all to share. I will pay for any postage costs.

If you can help, please contact me on

A big thank you to the following people for their contributions of magazines and/or scans:

Alwyn Smith, John Lamont, Steve Betts, Bob McKenzie, Jed Bond, Jim Greenwood
Merv & Owen Cameron and Peter Allen.

Aeromodeller Annuals:  Full set - 1948 to 1979.

Some of these books are quite large so I have created several parts to each book for ease of reading/downloading.
If you have experienced problems trying to read or download in the past, please try again.

Added on 29/07/2014 - mm745-6, 751-2
Added on 25/12/2017 -mm7402, 7403

Added on 29/07/2014 - Model News5908, 5912, 6002, 6006, 6008.
Added on 22/05/2015 - Model News 5703,5705,5707.              
Added on 29/09/2015 - Model News 5612, 5711.
Added on 22/12/2017 - Model News 6010, 5908, 5910.

Model Race Cars:

Added on 25/12/2017 Aust Modeller6, Aust Modeller 6807.

Extract from Model Aircraft Plans Handbook No1, 1995.


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