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Central Aircraft Catalogue 1963

The following photos are from Arthur Hume in Townsville. Arthur thinks they were given to him many years ago by Stuart Sherlock (Super Cool Props).  The captions on each photo are taken from handwritten notes on the back of each snapshot. There are some well known aeromodellers featured.
Photos dated January, 1968.

Reg Towell. No1 N.S.W. stunt flier.
TELSTAR model - very smooth, 56" wingspan, 40 ozs, Merco .35
First at Broadmeadow.

Ron  ???'s GLADIATOR. From American Modeller magazine.
OS MAX S35. Flew well.

Neville Clark holding Lyle Kennedy's VOODOO. OS MAX H35C

ANGELIQUE, Victorian design. Huge model, Merco .35.
Flew extremely well.
Line-up of stunters. From far end - SPITFIRE, STINGRAY (OS S.35),
GLADIATOR (OS S.35), RIVETS (Enya .35),  a "Noblerish"
own design (Merco .35).

Beautiful scale MARAUDER from Canberra.
 Retracts, lights, the works!

54" Stunter. Enya .35. 43 ozs.
No line tension. Jan 1968 (3 years old)

John Tidey's NAKKE. Placed 1st N.S.W. State Champs, 1968.
OS MAX S.35, flew slowly. Took a lot of pilot skill,
 wobbled on squares but still the best.

Ron bUrke (L) and Warren Willing (R) of Ryde-Epping MAC
and Super Tigre .15D. FAI Team Racer.

A Silvertone propo. R/C ship at Minto.
Herb Hanna. THUNDERBIRD at Pitt Town, Jan 1968. Merco .35.
NSW State Champ.
Herb emailled me recently with some extra info about this photo:-

Dat's me John!  Yes, I lived just up the road at Pitt Town.  I think the "Emu" is Stuart's car, the next one is my VW 1500 and it could be Bill Logan's FJ Holden next to me. Practice day at Pitt Town cricket ground.  I won the State Champs 66 and 67 with that T-Bird.  In 1965 (won it then too!) with a T-Bird and Skyscraper at Orange. Our State Champs were always at Easter in those days.   Skyscraper handled the wind much better than the T-Bird.

Barry Bowerman's TRIPACER. Good model.
Ray Ogle's CRUSADER. Merco .35. Swept anhedral wing
swept dihedral tail. 2nd NSW State Champs, 1968
Single channel R/C Magazine scale at Minto. Taipan 1.5D, old model.
Bonner Varicomp.
8 channel reeds R/C. Good flyer but lousy landings.
FAI Team Racer. ETA MK II Elit. 90 + for 38 laps,
Bill Logan pilot. Ron Lee's model.
Bill Swan's models. ST.40, 9 x 8. 100 per.  MMFC

FAI combat wing.
Ian Korner. Enya .35 THUNDERBIRD. A junior, he is learning
fast, doing square loops and square outsides. A good Nats
prospect. Stable model.

Peret Tilley's FAI Team Racer. ST .15D.
Reg Towell Pilot.

John Williams of Ryde MAC and his "PETER", a design by
Paul Turner. OS .35 III. Beautiful model.

Ian Mooney. Merco .35. Model designed by Reg Towell and
Herb Hanna. Squares well but windy weather upsets it somewhat.
Large wing area and light.

Bill Logan, top class Team Race expert in Sydney.
Photo taken at Braodmeadow comp.

Ryde-Epping FAI combat models. Repaired after car rolled
on the way to Broadmeadow.

Herbie Pikes LARK stunter OS MAX S.35 with silencer.
Very light model, 37 ozs total. Good performer.

Some of the boys at Centennial Park.

Will Sutton's TELSTAR. Enya .35. Crashed at State Champs.


This photo was taken from the Barton Forum titled "OZ Modellers In  UK"
Don "Scout" McLaren, Derry "Papoose" Brown,  Monty "Chief" Tyrrell,
Max  "Warrior" Cummings, Billy "Brave" Cartledge.
Models powered by McCoy .60,  Jay Bee .60,
3 Andersons, 1 Fox .35 and 1 Sabre .49.

1948. David Jacobs with David Reynolds Dynajet C/L model
at York Park, Launceston, Tasmania. 

 Will Deal's Aeroflyte Thunderstreak. 
"Built from a kit by me in 1960 and powered by OS 35 (I modified 
the fin to the shape I liked at the time) I ended coming back
 to the family home 15 years ago and the model was still here.
 It actually won the best flying model at the Hobart Hobby Shop
 model building competition in 1960 and I won a brand new OS15. 
Those were the days! "

 Townsville Aero Modellers (TAM) 1950's

If anyone has any other photos of this period in 
Townsville, please contact me.

 A Bill Evans (Aristocrat) Thunderbug. Owner unknown.

The model on the right held by Ron is a Mercury Monarch.

Bob McKenzie & Arthur Christensen circa 1950,
later to become Foundation Members of 
Townsville Aero Modellers.


Arthur Hume, Townsville  Model Aircraft Club.
Late 1960's