Tuesday 5 December 2017

Half Fast

Richard Magin of Western Springs, Illinois, sent me these photos of some Half Fast combat models built by himself, Ivan Tiniakov (12) and Jacob McCarthy(13) in 2016.
Originally designed by W.F Netzeband in 1955, these models are Half Fast MkIII's built from Walter Umland laser cut kits at BuiltRightFlyRight.com.


Friday 16 December 2016

P39 Airacobra

Peter White forwarded these photos to me from Mike Jennings in the U.S. for inclusion in Peter's Control Line Plan listing. Mike's done a nice job so I thought I'd display them here.......

This is my scratch built P-39 Bell Airacobra.  Completed it this spring (Apr 2016).
The plans are by Walt Pyron.
The good feature of this design is the engine is horizontal (similar to a profile aircraft.)
Below are photos of the Walt Pyron P-39.

Feel free to use any of these for your plans listing.

Below is some of the P-39 particulars;
Wing Span:     53.0 inches
Wing Area:     570 sq. inches
Wing Load:     10.0 sq. in./oz.
Engine:           OS Max LA 46
Fuel System:  6 oz. Uniflow
Weight:          56.7 oz.
Building Time:  145 hours
T Michael Jennings
Knoxville, TN.

Sunday 30 October 2016


It's been very quiet on the control line front down here in Tasmania. 
But it looks like Owen Cameron has broken the drought by building something a little different.
He was given an old Super Tigre .35 Combat engine and wanted something with which to try it out.
The model is a .35 sized Ringmaster beefed up to withstand the extra G's. The wing is constructed the same as an Armagedon combat wing. Light and strong.
The engine has been run and screams it's guts out! Now to wait for a new pair of wheels to arrive and some suitable weather, strong lines and some steady nerves.

The new .35 Ringmaster with it's .15 sized baby brother.

The Super Tigre .35 combat engine.

Saturday 15 October 2016

Ringmaster Flyathon

Here are the results of the 9th Annual Ringmaster
Flyathon for 2016.

Thursday 30 June 2016

OK. It's coming up to that time of year again. The Annual Ringmaster Flyathon.

About a week to go...........
Note the 5 lap rule mentioned above.

Tuesday 8 December 2015

Knox MAC All Australian Day

John Lamont sent in these photos of the recent Knox MAC All Australian Day

Central Aircraft Cyclone, HH Demon, HH Frisky

Dave Lacey's Venus after wing folded in flight.

David Nobes All Australain Mk.I

Ken Taylor's All Australian Mk.II

All Australian line-up.

Peter Koch's Aeroflyte collection is still growing.

Three HH Super Skylarks.

More details of the day will be in the next Australian Model News Newsletter.

Monday 7 December 2015

Sig Twister

Bob McKenzie sent in these photos of his new Sig Twister built from plans. He added a few personal touches such as the clear canopy and different tail fin outline. Test flown yesterday,  the Merco engine would not come on song so aerobatics were out of the question but Bob says it handles beautifully.  He can't wait to wring it out.

Thursday 20 August 2015

2015 Ringmaster Flyathon

OK, guys. It's getting close to that time of the year again. John Cralley sent me this reminder.
Let's make an extra effort this year. You still have a month or more to build a Ringmaster if you do not already have one.

Not wanting to be left out, Bob McKenzie sent in these photos of his new Jamison Special.
Flys nice once the initial C of G problems were sorted out. Power is by a Sabre .29 with 10 X 6 prop.

An extra feature was the adjustable leadouts not present on the original.

Sabre .29 with home made muffler.


It's been very quiet on the Control Line front down here in Tasmania for a while. Owen Cameron and Jason George braved the chilly weather last Saturday. Owen reports.......

Only me and Jason were keen enough for a fly on Sat. No wind for around 2 hours then it blew up.
We dusted off some of the old regulars, Miss BJ75, The old black widow maker (not quite dusted off) and Jase used his Gold Peacemaker, his Armageddon screamer and his Gemini wing that was taken home in two pieces.
Was generally good first flights were a bit rusty.  I took my Ramrod and Slob but didn’t get to fly them due to the Tassie weather packing up.

Monday 6 July 2015

New Recruit

Townsville Full Circle Flyers have another flyer to add to their ranks.
Geoff O'Brien has returned to C/L flying after a long break. 

Alan Beggs assisting Geoff on his first flight.

Oops! Dizziness is a bugger!!
The model is from the AIRBORNE  Magazine
Plan Service. Sorry, don't know it's name.

Thursday 23 April 2015

Not a Nobler

Bob Mc Kenzie of Townsville  has just finished the 3rd rebuild of his Nobler. (It's had a hard life!) The only original part is the wing. The fuselage is now a bit of a hybrid and no longer resembles a Nobler hence the name "Wazzsa Nobler".  Test flight details will be posted later.

.....Bob has since flown the model several times and he tells me it is the best "Nobler" that he has flown. 

Alan Beggs has been busy also with his Bill Evans (Aristocrat Models) Thunderbug, 1950's vintage.

Sunday 12 April 2015

Otto and Box Car Chief test flights

Test flight of my Otto The Gyro. Powered by an ASP .25 
it flys nice. You can see it climbs into the wind each lap.
It was a little windy on the day. Phone video.

Test flight of my Box Car Chief. Another nice flyer.
Powered by an OS .29 Mk III. Phone video.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Flying at George Town

It's been a while since our last control line outing so it was good to get back in the air again at George Town. Owen, Lyal, Jason and myself had some good flights - a little carnage with Lyal losing sight of  his model against the sun and Jason having trouble with his Armageddon flying wing coming in on the lines on takeoff.  I broke a prop after trying to glide my Ringmaster too far on landing.

A small price to pay for a good day out. And to finish the day, Owen and Lyal tried a bit of combat using their corflute own design flying wings.

Jason readies his Brodak Super Clown.  A nice performer.

Lyal fuelling up for a bit of combat. The wreckage of his
earlier mishap in the foreground.

Monday 19 January 2015

Indoor Talisman

Owen Cameron sent in these pics of his own designed Talsiman Indoor electric model. Wingspan 24 inches.

Thursday 25 December 2014


The weather has been bad lately so I thought I'd try something different. It's a FREE BIRD II ornithopter. Flys OK in the lounge room but the space is too restricted. I gave it a few flights outdoors at 6:00am one morning before the wind got up. Only used 40 to 50 turns and got about 10 seconds flight time. Weight is 0.2 ounce. The covering is Solarfilm LITESPAN.

Had a quiet Christmas Day today so I built this before lunch. Tried it in the lounge room. Wow! It flys FAST.  It's a MINI GYMELLO RP. I got the plan from Hip Pocket Aeronautics. Weighs 0.8 ounce. I used a Hobby King prop assembly and Undercarriage  that I had on hand so that made construction easier. Litespan covering.

Friday 5 December 2014

Box Car Chief

Just completed my Box Car Chief.  Weight is 2lb 2.1oz.  OS MAX III .29 

Oops! I forgot the pin striping on the starboard tailplane.