Sunday, 1 September 2013

Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon 2013
The Brotherhood of the Ring is sponsoring its 6th Annual Fly-A-Thon event:
October 5th & 6th, 2013
Matt Kania’s beloved Ringmaster control line model has been built and flown by more modelers than any other control line model airplane!
This is not a contest! There are no entry fees or prizes! This Fly-A-Thon is to honor the most popular CL model ever!! Our goal is to make history by having more Ringmaster flights in a single weekend than last year's record of 1689 flights!
This event is open to all participants worldwide!
On October 5th & 6th, we challenge you to fly any one or more of the many Ringmasters, old or new, and report your flights to:
Deadline for reporting is 12:00 noon Eastern time (USA) Tuesday October 8th
No reports will be accepted after this time, no exceptions
Location: Wherever you are!
Please report, how many total Ringmaster flights were made, how many different Ringmasters flew and the location of these flights.
You may also report how many different pilots flew, how many Ringmasters were flown at the same time and what type of Ringmasters were flown.
If you get a new pilot to solo on a Ringmaster, that flight will count as 2 flights! The more, the merrier! Let us know how many new solo flights you have! If this will help promote new flyers by flying the same plane so many of us started with, this would be a bonus!
Let's keep the spirit of C/L alive!

Ok everyone! Just dig that old dusty Ringmaster from your attic and go fly it!

The results will be compiled and reported by the Brotherhood of the Ring
        Any questions may be directed to:

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