Monday, 8 October 2012

Ringmaster Fly-a-thon 2012, Tasmania

Four control line flyers from the Launceston and Hobart model aero clubs participated in the Ringmaster annual event on 6th & 7th October clocking up 65 flights. John Moody and Owen Cameron from LMAC clocked up 12 and 15 flights respectively While Barry Champion and Peter Allen of HMAC completed 38 flights using Barry's electric Ringmaster, which was a joy to fly. Personally, I love the smell of castor in the morning! Seriously though, the electric Ringmaster would make an ideal C/L trainer as it was equipped with throttle control which allowed the pilot to land when and where he wanted. Also handy for taxiing back to the pits and there is no need for a pit man or stooge either.

Barry Champion

OS powered Ringmaster

Barry's Ringmaster



A view of the pits.

Ringmaster parade...

Peter Allen flying Barry's Ringmaster.

Here he is again. You couldn't keep him away from it!!

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