Tuesday, 16 October 2012

And now for something a little different.....

Jim Greenwood has converted his old Blue Pants to electric. He has fully cowled the motor and included cooling ducts. 

Just behind the left hand exhaust stack can be seen a battery isolating plug and socket. Inserting the plug arms the system. A good safety feature and well away from that prop. The cooling duct (red) can be seen in this view. Jim also added a tapered false trailing edge to the wing which gives it a slightly different look.

The specifications are:-
Motor- Thrust 10 /Precision aerobatics
ESC- Arrowind lv 25- Precision Aerobatics
Battery- Turnigy 3 cell 11.1v 1300mah
Motor controller- z tron BSD micro RC LLC [Version 1
Motor control – R415 Micro RX Hobby King TX Parkzone 2.4 GHz DSM2 Hobby King

Jim is going to try both methods of motor control; i.e 2.4 gig radio or Ztron programmable timer. The top front of the fuselage is a removeable hatch which allows easy access to all the electronics so changing from radio to timer is a simple matter of unplugging one and plugging the other in.

Jim tells me he has a couple of more things to do to it and hopefully the test flight will be next Sunday (21/10/12).

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