Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Some News From The West

The following photos and captions are by Peter Somers of Perth, Western Australia. Thanks Peter.

.This model is Charlie Stones'  SLEEPWALKER, his own design. Nice little touches include the fences at outer ends of the flaps.
His motor in this is a Rustler-MERCO but I am not sure if its a 60, I think it is. Has a power-pipe on it.
Charlie has been having problems with his engine run going too rich at the end of a flight. His tank is a regular tin uniflow he
made, with a wedge that slopes a little out at the back end. The model is different, and pretty cool I think. 
 The fella holding is Craig *****?  I forgot.  He has been flying an arf T-Bird with Fox.35 and a SUPERB engine run, good flyer.

A LARGE diesel which Noel McMillan brought along Saturday.
He had three motors, all seemingly built by the same guy;
Charlie says in Yugoslavia, he suspects.

This motor looks like a 2.5 we think.

This motor is a weenie one, could be a 0.5cc or ?

Does anyone have any more info on these motors? If so, leave a comment.

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