Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Can Anyone Help??

Hello Friends,
I am sending this 'to many' as I am hoping somebody may recognise my sketch of this Classic "B" Team Racer from 1955-56, 
and be able to tell me something about it.. Was it a kit, or just a plan; and did it have a name..?  Perhaps it was a local's own
design, or it may have been quite well-known in the past. (It's not on Outerzone Plans)
I would much appreciate any help with this search, anyone who knows an 'oldtimer' - who would need to be over 80 years,
please ask, show them a copy of the sketch and see if it is recognised. Any information is worth having.  :-)
This was the first Team Racer I ever saw in action, it had a McCoy .29 BB Redhead and it sizzled..!  I have a McCoy .29 BB now,
so I'm hoping to build a replica. I could draw up a rough copy but that would not be as good, would it.
Thank you for your attention, and any help you can provide.
Peter Somers      (AUS)    08.9444.4312      0402.098.997     W.E.A.6016

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