Thursday, 19 March 2015

Flying at George Town

It's been a while since our last control line outing so it was good to get back in the air again at George Town. Owen, Lyal, Jason and myself had some good flights - a little carnage with Lyal losing sight of  his model against the sun and Jason having trouble with his Armageddon flying wing coming in on the lines on takeoff.  I broke a prop after trying to glide my Ringmaster too far on landing.

A small price to pay for a good day out. And to finish the day, Owen and Lyal tried a bit of combat using their corflute own design flying wings.

Jason readies his Brodak Super Clown.  A nice performer.

Lyal fuelling up for a bit of combat. The wreckage of his
earlier mishap in the foreground.

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