Thursday, 2 October 2014

Rocky Rally 2014

The Rocky Rally was held at Rockhampton, North Queensland on the weekend of 20-21st of   September. The rally was a combined Control Line and R/C event. The weather was kind to the C/L guys on the Saturday but Sunday was a washout for the R/Cers. Jim Greenwood of Townsville took these photos of the C/L models. Some more of Jim's photos can be seen in John Lamont's October 2014  edition of  Australian Model News.

Ian Gealy's MAX BEE, F2B model, electric powered.

Don Keyssecker's WIND WONDER, F2B model, Stalker .61

THUNDERBIRD by  Reg Towell, powered by Fox .35

Yatsenko YAK 55, Retro .60 by Frank Battam

Brian Harris's LARK with Merco .35

Another couple of Brian Harris. ALL AMERICANS powered
by OS .29

A couple of profiles with OS Max .15's by Trevor Fenning

Dave Helmrich's SMOOTHIE with OS .40 power.

Aeroflyte AVENGER -  OS .40 by Dave Helmrich

Dave Helmrich's PEACEMAKER. PAW 2.5cc diesel

Still another from Dave. A Keil Kraft PHANTOM with a
1.5cc Taipan diesel.

A VOODOO (?) combat wing by Mike Rankin with an AP
Hornet .15 for power.

Mike Rankin's NOBLER powered by an OS .46 LA

David Georgeson Memorial Trophies.

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