Monday, 18 August 2014

All Australian Day

John Lamont sent me these photos he took of Peter Koch's Aeroflyte collection.
Peter is president of the Knox MAC. Photo taken at their recent All Australian Day.
Nice collection....

Left to right - Valiant, Avenger, Typhoon, Vulcan and Taipan Trainer.

Here's some more photos of the Knox All Australian Day  held in July.

All Australian by Alan Mathieson-Harrison
Geoff Pentland Tempest Mk V by Bob Allison.

Gordon Burford Wombat by John Halliwell.

Hearn's Hobbies Cadet by Doug Grinham

Hearn's Hobbies Demon by Dave Lacey.

Hearn's Hobbies Frisky by Neil Wake.

Hearn's Hobbies Skylark by Bob Allison.

Hearn's Hobbies Super Skylark by  Peter Byrne.

Jim Saftig Super Zilch by  Robin Heirn.

Les Heap Cyclone by  Dave Lacey.

Les Organ Vulcan by Dave Lacey.

All Australian Day line-up.

Knox M.A.C. field.

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