Monday, 21 July 2014

Shed Heater

 Hi John
I think you need a new section on the blog for other projects. The furnace should probably go in there as well.
Here are some photos of my waste oil heater total cost of around $100. it burns hotter than the fires of hell. Credit is due to Sloth Industries as Jason built the first and showed me how good it worked. I believe he will send some photos of his. They are easy to build and now its built costs $0.00 to run, just waste oil from any service station or any oil for that matter. Most places cant wait to get rid of it.
?What to do next?
Regards Owen


Not much plane wise has been happening here at Sloth industries or at OTech engineering for a while.
I have managed to make another FAI Armageddon flying wing to replace the damaged one, with all our upgrades. 

In the mean time i have managed to build myself, after some time studying youtube, a waste oil burner for the shed.
The heater costs to run are FREE, FREE, FREE
I have found a workshop that has plenty of engine oil that i can have for FREE. I have a 44 gallon drum out the back of the shed that feeds oil through the wall into the heater. approx 200hrs of FREE heat.
The shed gets that hot I have to open the door to let some FREE heat out.
It uses about 1-1.5 litres an hour and cost me $150.00 to make and install.
It's made of a Falcon brake disc, stuffed hot water cylinder, stainless wok bowl from the kitchen, and a pyrex dish for a view of the fire (If you can see the flame it makes it hotter.) some of the bits come from the salvo shop ($6.00)
Most of the cost is from the 5 inch pipe out the flue and the 6 inch adaptor, had to buy some copper pipe, fittings, tap, hoses, adaptors and roof boot thing. Had the lengths of flue laying around and a chinaman hat too.
It has a designer door handle (OTech supplied).
So even though not much plane building has been going on, there is plenty of other to make the building process more enjoyable and very possibly lasting longer into the night.
If anybody else feels inspired to build one (I know of one already) go to this website and build                                                                              

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