Sunday, 23 February 2014

Went flyin' yesterd'y......

Owen, Lyal, Jason and myself spent the morning at the Prospect School. The weather was finally good enough to go flying. I got in one flight of my Bi-Slob before the wind came up. 
Jason had an unfortunate accident with his Nobler - it pancaked in very hard during some maneouvres. The bellcrank/controls jammed. The full story won't be known until after some exploratory surgery. Apart from some bad "bruising" and converting the undercarriage into retracts, the damage does not seem too severe.

Owen had a few models to test fly. The Mental Block powered by a K&B shows great promise and looked good in the air.
Next was the corflute combat wing - a tad tail heavy (by about 1/2 a kilo!). Didn't stay airborne for too long. No real damage, these things are virtually crash-proof.

The resurrected Thunderstreak had a few teething problems, the main one being a loud vibration during the last flight. After landing, we found the engine had come loose. The only damage was the groove in the top of the fuselage made by the flexing of the needle valve. 
I could go on but I do not want to embarrass my old mate, Owen, so I won't mention the loose spinner, loose muffler and floppy wheel pant.  I think we will just leave it at that.

Jason's .38 Special. What's all that black stuff, Jason? 

Owen's Mental Block

Jason's Nobler 

Jason's Nobler

Owen's Thunderstreak showing the damage caused by the
needle valve. You would not think it could flex that far.

Readying the 'Streak for its maiden flight.

Lyal launching Owen's corflute wing

So far, so good....

Oops! Too much up.

That's better!

Owen shows how its done.

Nice launch.

The Thunderstreak  on its test flight.

And to finish off the day, a bit of two-up flying for fun.

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