Monday, 20 January 2014


The Full Circle Flyers in Townsville had a great day on Sunday 19/01/14.
Plenty of action and laughs,  the way it should be.

Getting ready for the grudge match

Bob McKenzie & Darren Stout had a team Race grudge match. Darren has been trying to beat Bob for two
weeks now. 
All's well at the start of the race....

Darren's out due to Bob clipping his tail while overtaking.
It looks like old age and treachery wins again!

Bob got his legs tangled in Darren's lines and wrapped himself up.
Unable to continue turning, he decked his model. Darren tries
to untangle the lines.

Meanwhile back in the pits, Arthur Hume is thoroughly enjoying
the action.
Prop strikes on the  plane Darren was flying. The plane was
"donated" for the grudge match by Doug O'Keefe.

Doug's wounded racer.

The backplate of Bob's spinner after coming to grief  due to the
line tangle mentioned earlier.

Nikayla Stout and dad, Darren walking out to the centre for
a training flight. 

Nikayla (14) goes solo on an Aeroflyte Taipan Trainer.

Go girl!
Getting ready to hand over to Kyle.

Kyle Stout (11)  has his turn. Good to see the young ones
are having a go. Darren says they are enjoying it.
Keep it up , kids.

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