Saturday, 23 February 2013

Borrowed from Tulsa Gluedobbers C/L Club

Helpful Hints
by Jim Carpenter the road of model building and flying I've picked up a few tricks. I hope the following will help beginners and experts alike.
1. Use a wheel collar on your drill bit and you have a depth gauge or drill stop.
2. When mixing epoxy a 50/50 mix is critical in order to gain maximum strength. Use a coin or bottle cap to trace two circles to place epoxy in equal amounts.
3. For epoxy mixing pads use flexible plastic, like butter container tops. After epoxy cures simply flex the plastic top and epoxy can be cleanly removed.
4. Craft sticks (popsicle sticks) at Hobby Lobby make great inexpensive epoxy mixing sticks. They make great shims for lining up wings and fuselages etc.; they are also good for repairs such as spar splices.
5.Use craft sticks on the top and bottom of the elevator along with clothes pins or rubber bands to hold elevator in neutral while setting up controls.
6. To cut brass, copper, or aluminum tubing; roll on flat hard surface with a sharp knife.
7. To clean planes use rubbing alcohol then shine covering with Armourall or Son of a Gun.
8. Use fuel line tubing on needle valves to seal from leaks.
9. To separate backing on film covering put small pieces of tape on each side and then pull tape.
10. Baking soda and CA glue make great fillets for repairs.
11. Cut off the top of the fox needle valve leaving enough to solder a wheel collar on. This keeps the needle valve from being damaged on inverted landings.

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