Wednesday, 30 January 2013

We have another Ringmaster for this years Ringmaster Fly-a-thon. Warren read about our attempt last year in the Victorian Model News newslettter and wants to join in the fun this year. 

Hi John, Ringmaster is finally finished and ready to have a go I hope, I built the model out of scrap I had lying around so it was cost affective but maybe a little overweight at 21 ounces.
I have a 20yrold Enya 15 in it that has never run as I bought the motor but cant remember what for and only found it when cleaning up still in its box so it will have to do although It seemed a little hot when I ran it today so maybe it might need a little more oil.
Now all we have to do is stop getting giddy and all will be well ????

Warren Leach 

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