Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Combat Capers by Owen

A long time ago there was the dark ages, 
evil things happened
The Africans-Europeans and other
countries where effected.
Then it was gone.
Later on in time someone invented
control line planes then without reason
the curse has come back to haunt us..
The first wave voodoo.
Jason George was struck down by this.
But as we all know, we glue and build
them by sticking pins in 'em. Not scary.
The second wave Grim reaper
Owen Cameron was struck down by this.
But as we all know a bowling ball rolls down
the alley fast and eventually hits something.
The third wave
Lyal Cameron had a problem
From one line on top of the building board
from the balsa dust-glue drops and other
junk underneath the board, pure evil was
resurrected.What happens now is not known.
See the attachments. Beware.

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