Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bob McKenzie's modified Sabre Trainer powered by an OS .15LA.
 Home made tongue muffler. Nice woodgrain on the L.E.

Bob McKenzie's and Tom Wellington's trainer/racers both
built by Bob McK.

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  1. Now That I have been able to talk to the Picture, (both Tests Worked)...
    Its a Beast on Take Off, because of the single wheel, it drops the inside wing favouring the weight of the lines, and turns in. So far it has only cost a set of laystrate lines and apc prop. When the line get tight, it goes like a shower of stuff, really hammers along and holds a steady shoulder high line> Landings are great withe the SABRE wing and TAILPLANE profile and the low setting of the wheel , it Glides in

    The only thing left to correct for the upcoming Race day, is the RELEASE AGENT.