Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Ringmaster fly-a-thon

The Brotherhood Of The Ring's Ringmaster Annual Fly-a-thon held over the weekend (1st & 2nd October)
achieved 1505 flights worldwide. Groups from AUS participated - Sydney, Hunter Valley, CLAMF, CLAG, KMAC, Brimbank Falcons Keilor Park

I'm building a Ringmaster for next year, how about joining me? Need plans? Give me a call or leave a comment.


  1. Extra belongs to Barry Fredrickson
    Russian ARF
    Rocky 11 Trevir Larsen
    Others unk
    Note Ringmaster preferred is profile. I would rather the built up fuse. Comment?

  2. Thanks Jim,

    There are many versions of the Ringmaster, including biplanes and tri-planes. All are eligible for the Fly-a -thon as far as I am aware. Pick the one you like best.
    I have plans for the profile version Ringmaster Jnr. .10 to .19