Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Price Rite Engineering Plans

Price Rite Engineering were suppliers to the aeromodelling industry back in the 1990's. They have since closed down. They used to sell Aluminium engine mounts, balsa and some kits, among other things. I have a copy of the Ozone and Too Up plans and am chasing any other Price Rite Kit Plans that may be  floating around. If any of you have any that you would like to share, please contact me, johnmoody@westnet.com.au. I will pay for any copying/scanning, etc. 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Indoor Control Line Trial.

Owen and Lyal Cameron and myself had some fun trying out my GeeBee indoor control liner today.
I carried out a 20 second test flight to see if everything was OK and it was. Although a little slow at 6 seconds a lap on 15 foot lines = 10.7 miles per hour (17.2 kph)!
To say it felt graceful is an understatement.

Owen managed to hover it a few times until he backed it into the floor. You will notice the panic of the camera man (me) running to disconnect the battery when the motor was stalled. We chipped a prop, no other damage.

We got in a total of 5 flights with “Crash Cameron” decking it again when trying to do a slooooow loop. It's easily repaired. The motor was running at 47 % (4700 rpm). The speed needs to be upped a little and I am looking at getting an accelerometer for the ESC. This will provide constant speed whether flying horizontal or vertical.

I had only rented the gymnasium for an hour but we reckoned it was the best hour any of us had spent. We had great fun. Now I'm waiting for Owen and Lyal to build theirs. There's even talk of slow indoor combat.
A view of the pits.

Ready for the test flight.

The Test Flight.

The Hover

Oops!....Crash Cameron.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Here's a good use for all those stubbie coolers that you have laying around. Good protection for your lines while they are rattling around in your flight box. And it's free!